easyfeedExcel add-in

Provide seamless access to enterprise-licensed data
Raise cost awareness among Excel users
Avoid non-compliant data extraction

Align with usage agreements of data vendors
Make sure only the right data is used in Excel

Decide who has the right to access which data
Define budget limits and permissions per user or group

Get to know your organization's data usage in Excel
Follow user activity and cost impact in real-time

Re-use data that you have already paid for whenever possible
Leverage bulk data sources

Modern and user-friendly add-in for Office Excel 365
Seamless integration and deployment, built using the latest Microsoft technologies

Warn Excel users of costs before each vendor request
Allow only certain data categories, limit number of instruments and daily refreshes

Convert spreadsheets created using another vendor's add-in with a single click
Keep any existing Excel macros

Build dynamic Excel spreadsheets thanks to a rich set of comprehensive Excel functions
Extract millions of data points in seconds

Even the most popular data analysis tool of executives can raise issues when it comes to data access entitlement. Our Excel add-in provides a solution to this problem.

Whatever the data accessed, consumption is logged down to the field level. The add-in displays the cost of a refresh or requesting new data. And in case end users are hampered from consuming data, they are notified why this is the case, and that they need to request the market data team to extend their consumption limits.

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