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Improve compliance for Excel, Matlab, Jupyter and RStudio users.

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We help organizations to

control data access

monetize their data

You are a Software Provider with a solution that involves processing a high volume of copyrighted, costly data.

Your clients require you to have cost-based monitoring in place because they fear their data spend might double/triple/quadruple.

Let us become your data usage partner!

There are many ways in which you can leverage our solution and quickly improve your customer experience.

Make your software
'data cost aware'

Unlock new business

You are about to become a data vendor. You've realized your company is producing value-added data and the first clients are already here!

You need to provide your clients with secured and controlled access to your data. You would like to track which datasets are used by which applications and users so that you can invoice your client accordingly.

Don't look any further! We have the right solution.

The easyfeed Suite can seamlessly distribute any of your datasets. It can track client usage down to each data point of consumption, generate invoices automatically and offer online payment services.

We are data usage experts.
Innovation is in our DNA.
Trust us to solve complex data problems.

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